Agriculture based entrepreneurship

Dal Mill

70 households, Established 7 Dall mill for income generative activity and groups earned profit from selling of dall and its wastage.

Jute processing Unit

Unit successfully running by women group and 20 women got employment on daily basis.

Farm Implement Bank

240 farmers got benefitted from this implement bank.  Due to this activity farmers now easily available agricultural implement at village level and most importantly on very less rate as compare to market rate.

Dairy Development

147 families got benefitted from this dairy activity. Most successful activity as far as concern to livelihood improvement of farmers. Use of FYM and cow urine increased in the field for preparation of organic manure and established sustainable link of milk with market players like AMUL & Ranade.

Milk collection centres

16 milk collection centres established with support of AMUL and Ranade dairy. Collection centres earning approximate Rs. 2.5 lakhs in a year. 160 farmers benefitted


312 families got benefitted. Focused women groups for this activity and got good success.  Most of the groups earned good income from this business


839 families Focused landless and women for this activity, as an income generative activity. These peoples earning income from selling of Meat and eggs.

Fishery Management by Gramsabhas

3 groups from Maregaon and Zarijamni blocks villages are doing fishery successfully and earning their livelihood. Also they are planning for the hatchery in Shirathoki village.

Forest based Entrepreneurship

Tendu Leaves Management by Gramsabhas

CFR recognized Gramsabha under forest rights act got the ownership rights on Non timber forest produce.  Gramsabha can collect, process, market and can give transit pass for outstation transport. So by using such rights gramsabhas have initiated tendu management business and so managing their business on their own and getting more income with bonus.

Honey processing Unit

Eight tribal honey harvester groups are formed to collect the wild honey from their local forest area. These aare the tribal peole ,who were collecting their honey by violent method. But now we trained these traditional honey harvester to collect honey without destructing the honey bees. So now these groups of honey harvesters collect wild honey by nonviolent method by wearing the sting proof dress.  We also Established honey processing unit at Jalka village with support of tribal harvesters and started collective marketing.

Mahua flower business Unit

In our women have formed their self help gropus and their federation, and these SHGs and their federation collectively purchase the mahua flowes together and sale collectively at nearby markets. Rightnow 21 women SHGs are doing this mahua collection and selling work as a small business.

Gum processing Unit

Gum is also collected by local women SHGs collectively and sale it in nearby market with apprppriate price. Women groups makes the gradation of gum and then they sale at various rates. Gum of Dhawrah tree is edible and get good price. So gramsabhas focus on conserving such trees for more production of edible gums.

Bamboo Management and Processing

In tribal area there are artisans who make the bamboo articles and sail in local market. Now, few artisans we have trained to prepare advance articles. We also promote the gram sabhas to plant the bamboo in their farm and forest areas for sustainable livelihood.