Building Self-Governance

GSMT works to empower local Governance at village level. If such local governance become resourceful with skills and powerful to handle their issues, then villages can work independently. They can make their participatory and resourceful plan for their villages and can execute such plans with the support of various stakeholders for their social, economical and environmental justice and empowerment.

73rd Constitutional Amendment Act was passed by parliament and provided a constitutional status to the panchayatraj institutions in India. Panchayatraj system got the constitutional mandate of being three tier of democratic governance in India. Panchayat also got the power to act as Self Government. But still lack of devolution of functional and financial powers and lack of will power of legislative and executive authorities has made it an ineffective. Panchayatiraj is the foundation of India’s political system, as a decentralized form of Self Government, in which each village would be responsible for its own affairs. But still India practicing centralized form of government for convenience of legislative and Bureaucracy. 

73rd amendment provided powers and responsibilities to the panchayat as well as for implementation of 29 subjects listed in 11th schedule. But due to lack of knowledge and capacities, Panchayat members are not involve much effectively in their day to day work of Grampanchayat and Gramsabha. Women also got the reservation, but they need inputs and handholding support to work effectively.

       Gramsabhas have to enhance skills for their local governance

  • To prepare participatory conservation and management plan at village level
  • To mobilise resources through effective convergence of various schemes of line department
  • To implement planned work effectively
  • To monitor their executed work as community based monitoring
  • To issue based advocacy and lobbying for influencing authorities
  • To federate as Gramsabha Federation at block level
  • To manage finance, Audit and Reporting
  • To control or manage their staff at village for execution
We build the capacities of Gramsabha members and enhanced their skills of planning, execution, monitoring, advocacy and financial management. Gramsabhas have prepared their conservation and management plan of five years and are now executing with the support of various department. Gramsabhas took the initiative and executed their plan through various schemes. People got benefited from forest based livelihood and agriculture based livelihood through MGNREGA, ITDP, 14th finance commission, Forest and agriculture based schemes. 

Local Barefoot technicians cum thematic expert trained and are supporting in execution of conservation and management plan through various line department especially forest and agriculture based.  Gramsabha members have formed their federation as Gramsabha mahasangh and solving their issues related to their plan of action.  Youth trained on business plan through workshops and exposure to best practices especially for tendu, bamboo, lac, Gum, Mahua flower and seed and honey. So in such a way agriculture and forest based business initiated in villages to sustain ecological security and sustainable livelihood.