Anand Balsadan, Wani
Anand Balsadan, Jalka
Kids in Anand Balsadan
Anand Balsadan, Wani
Anand Balsadan, Jalka
Kids in Anand Balsadan
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Child Rights Protection at District level

Disadvantaged and underprivileged children need support for their bright future. There are many children in the area who resides in rural, tribal and urban settlements, who are far from their basic rights and facing many issues as child labour, sexual abuse, violence, early marriages, child trafficking etc. We should work with these children for their better life. GSMT is working with such children to protect their Child Rights through Program in Yavatmal district. The organisation implementing the program in three blocks of district.

In 40 villages of 2 blocks, organisation has formed the Village Child Protection Committees at village level. In all  3 blocks ‘Block level Child Protection Committee’ have been formed and strengthened. There are 17 members in each Block level Committee.  Members of BCPC have started to study the various issues of children facing and village level and also visit to Ashram schools in the blocks. BCPC organised their various meetings and coordinated to resolve the various issues. Due to such meetings many issues resolved in due course of time. BCPC also coordinated for getting the caste Certificates for 29 unmarried members, who were not getting. BCPC also organised the camps for getting the caste certificates and income certificates in Zari block in which 300 children got certificates.

GSMT has also been nominated as the Member in the District Level Child Protection Committee. Organisation has conducted the training program for the Anganwadi Supervisors in the district.  We works in coordination with government and with various other stakeholders who are involved in child rights protection. We also prepared the District child protection plan with the support of Unicef, Mumbai and local district women and child development department.

Protection of Children with Special Needs 

GSMT is implementing Child Line 1098 program of Govt. of India in Yavatmal district with the support of ministry of Women and Child development. The program focuses on the tracking and rehabilitation of the children with special needs. GSMT has worked with the various categories of the children as below

Case CategoryAchievements
Protection from Abuse/ Sexual AbuseChild line reached to many children in need of Protection from various types of Abuse and protected those children.
Shelter Shelter category cases got benefited with the support of child line and admitted
Child Labor Child labor cases got addressed by childline and children stopped working and going school regularly
Medical HelpMany Children got medical help from child line and now these children living their life happily with the support of child line
Child MarriageStill there are many child marriages occur in our area. Our organisation  rescued many children who were about to child marriage by child line  These children’s living their life with new positivity and some of them started their education again.
Missing ChildChildren’s who were missing from their homes found by child line with the help of Police Department and now such children’s are safe and sound with their family
Begging ChildWe oriented the beggar Children, who stopped begging and going school regularly.
SponsorshipChildren got various types of benefits through such sponsorship from the distrct

Education opportunities for the children of women with high risks:

Anand Balsadan was established in Yavatmal and Chandrapur districts to enhance capacities of neglected, orphan children and also the children of female sex workers. Ministry of women and child development department of Maharashtra recognised this balsadan in the form of balgruh in Jalka village in Maregaon block and Lalguda village in Wani block of Yavatmal district. Total 40 children have been benefited by Anand Balsadan and are undergoing mainstream education from 1st to 12th standard in different schools. Many our children who passed out got admission for higher education and now doing services in other institutions and Hospitals and serving for the development.

School for the Rural and Tribal children

GSMT is also running a school, named as the Late Laxmibai  High School in Jalka village, which falls in schedule five area in Maregaon tribal block of Yavatmal district in Maharashtra. This school provides educational facilities with activity based learning to the rural and tribal children in the region.  In this school from 5th to 10th standard children studying for their bright future. School provide quality education to children by conduction various extracurricular activities and focus on activity based learning,so that they become responsible citizen.  

 Introduction to Basic Technology (IBT)

 To help children acquaint with the technology which will help them in shaping their carriers, GSMT has introduced the Basic Technology in the School with the support of Vidnyan Ashram, Pabal, Pune in Maharashtra. In IBT course, students have been trained for their vocational education in trades especially as Engineering, energy and environment, Agriculture and animal husbandry and Home science. In this various trades students gains vocational skill with the support of trained Instructors, who are trained for each trade. This course id focus on doing and learning. Students gets confident to live their life with dignity. This IBT course is attached with our High school run by GSMT at Jalka village in Maregaon block of Yavatmal district.