Due to worldwide outbreak and pandemic of Covid-19, community is facing many problems. This is the disaster situation which occurred suddenly. People were not much aware about this situation and are in shock due to lockdown. In Yavatmal district there are 16 people affected due to Covid19. Entire people who came in the contact of these people and family are quarantined. In Yavatmal many areas are sealed due to such situation and district is also lockdown. About 36000 people are home quarantined in Yavatmal district.  So peoples facing problems as, shortage of food grains, vegetables, essential supplies, preventive equipments.

In Yavatmal district we identified the problems and listed out vulnerable person and families, those who are in distress. Also we have initiated the support and distributed the food kits and hygiene kits as soap, sanitizers, mask, gloves to most vulnerable 1700 families as female sex workers, migrant people, people living with HIV/AIDs and people living with disability. We are working in coordination with district administration and we got the letter and identity card to our 15 staff members to work effectively with community.

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