Gender and Women Empowerment
Gender and Women Empowerment

GSMT believes that women empowerment is of utmost importance for any community to grow and prosper. Hence, Women Empowerment is the cross cutting theme across all the interventions of the organisation. The main focus has been on organizing and strengthening women to actively participate in development process related to Livelihood, Health and Education. Organisation focuses on women empowerment through capacitating women through their groups and federation. GSMT has made it mandatory to involve 50% women in each committee and building their skills and capacities to bring them into mainstream. The key achievements are as

 Organizing women through self-help groups

GSMT facilitated the process of self-help group promotion in the working area. Women self help groups and Federations have been formed and capacitated through various interventions. Apart from that it is ensured that the women become integral part of the decision making processes at the village level, so they are involved in the development processes going on at village level.

Participation in the Governance

GSMT has always focused on the issue of women participation in the decision making processes at the village level. Organization has made the conscious efforts in organizing women in the form of women Gramsabhas at the village level. In villages women Gramsabhas are being conducted regularly and also these women participate in General gramsabhas and share their issues and contribute actively in development process. . In these meetings the conservation and management plans of the villages are being reviewed by the women regularly.

Women Federation has been established in the working area of GSMT. 413 women are the members of this Federation. Women have also become the integral part of Gramsabha Mahasangh organized at the block level. Out of the total membership of the Mahasangh 50% members are women.

Women in Entrepreneurship

  •  150 women self help groups with 1800 women members are functional in the working area.
  • All the 150 groups have deposited shares amount in federation account.
  • 135 groups got loan of Rs. 1 crore from nationalised banks. All the groups have made the repayment of the loan
  • Enterprises viz. Fisheries, Poultry, Mahua Banks, Gum processing, Chironji  unit are managed by the women.
  • 4 women members of women federation have got elected as the PRI members in their respective Gram Panchayats.

Women from the working are directly liaison with the district administration