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Organic Farming
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Vidarbha region in Maharashtra has continued to be in the news over the years because of its severe agrarian crisis with report of severe droughts, loss of crops, indebtedness and increasing farmers suicides. Many farmers committed suicides in Vidarbha and many are in distress and leaving this profession. Agriculture is the backbone of economic system of India. Agriculture provides foods, raw materials and employment opportunities to large percentage of population. But still farmers are struggling in such crisis situation. In such crisis we promote farming community to adopt the sustainable agricultural practices to make their farming viable and secure their livelihood. GSMT working with farming community especially with small, marginal, single women and landless by addressing various techniques as organic farming, LEISA and better cotton standard system. Due to the adoption of these techniques farmers become improving their soil fertility and income. Sustainable agricultural practices are intended to protect the environment, improve the soil fertility, increase the farmers income and access to safe and nutritious food for all. So we are addressing agrarian crisis through ecological and viable farming.

  • Provided seasonal training to farmers on different productivity enhancement methods that include land preparation, seed treatment, FYM preparation, compost preparation, pest management, plant management and post-harvest management
  • Trained about 262 farmers as a lead farmers under BCI project through CAIM
  • Trained about 127 farmers as a lead farmers under BCS project
  • 85% farmers have not used the first dose of Urea and 65 % farmers did not used third dose of mixed fertilizers.
  • 30% farmers do the spraying by scouting techniques.
  • 2639 acres sowing across slope, Soil erosion is decreased and moisture percentage increased.
  • Graded bunding 640, Soil erosion decreased & water holding capacity with moisture percentage is increased
  • Cotton farmers linked with three ginners in Wani and Maregaon block
  • BCS Cotton farmers getting benefits of free weighing and unloading at gin and also they get prices of Rs. 20 per quintal more than other cotton farmers.
  • 5433 hectors area treated under Soil and water conservation work
  • Promoted organic farming practices on 859 hectors
  • Turmeric cultivation with 600 farmer
  • Promoted kitchen garden activity with 500 farmers
  • 112 youth skilled under skill building programme
  • Established two Farmer Producer company in Maregaon and Umarkhed Block, Facilitated collective marketing mainly for cotton